Firaol Gadisa
Ref# 1175

About Me
My name is Firaol Gadisa. I'm a 6-year-old boy.

My birthday is
June 16, 2017.


Family Circumstances

Firaol is a bright boy who lives with his mother in an impoverished community of Addis Ababa. With his father not present in his life, Firaol's mother does her best to provide for the family on her own. However, without a permanent income, Firaol's mother struggles to meet the needs of the family and cannot afford school fees. Your support will empower Firaol to stay in school, pursuing his big dreams!

Current Grade


Favorite School Subject


Favorite Foods

Doro Wot (Traditional Ethiopian dish of chicken in spiced sauce)

Dream Profession

A Leader

Favorite Activity

Running errands